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Founder, LaToya J. Moppins was this very young girl who experienced homelessness and teen pregnancy.  With a spiritual base and direciton, no high school diploma and little help from family, she overcame obsatcles that most people would not have survived. She has founded, Angels With Open Arms, a nonprofit organization with a charitable intent to assist teens and pregnant girls to transition into responsible parents and successful women.  


Our charitable organization also provides education assistance, housing and food assitance to families and children. Angels With Open Arms will be the haven for young teen girls and teen pregnant girls experiencing issues at home or with teen pregnancy.  It may seem like there is no light at the end of the road, but know that with spriitual direction and our light, we are here to help!


We provide a program that will allow these young women to get off the streets and into a safe environment.  We provide daycare assistance for teens on our program.  We also provide food and transportation assistance to school and/or work.  We also offer education assistance and training so that these teens can become productive and responsible young women and mothers!  


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